[Rdo-list] Red Hat OpenStack Evaluation installation

Lodgen, Brad Brad.Lodgen at centurylink.com
Sun Jul 6 17:46:13 UTC 2014

I have a quick question, as I may be misunderstanding the intention of the RHOS product and the installation/configuration guide. I'm using an evaluation, so I can't open tickets or I'll get forwarded to this mailing list. I've had a considerable number of issues installing and getting RHOS running in an initial "let's get started doing actual OpenStack tasks" kind of state.

Is the RHOS product meant to be installable and running without going through the section of the installation/configuration guide that covers manual installation? Or are you expected to still go through the entire manual installation section? Because there are integral parts that are not discussed outside of the manual section; storage implementation, for example, is not mentioned outside of the manual installation section. And even the sections that are in the manual section basically say you can't rely solely on the Foreman host groups to set up storage, as there are some manual steps. Can someone shed some light on the product's intentions and how far it goes with setting up OpenStack for you?

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