[Rdo-list] CentOS Cloud Sig

Mike Burns mburns at redhat.com
Fri Jan 24 22:21:43 UTC 2014

We had a planning meeting to try to figure out the path forward for the 
CentOS cloud sig.

Some of the highlights of the meeting:

* A single SIG that provides a number of dependencies makes sense, 
possibly with variants for different projects to deliver specific 
packages that apply only to them.
* Need to develop a process where certain versions are agreed upon for 
common packages -- not decided yet
* Branding -- conversation is deferred to some other group/place/time
* Java packaging issues need to be worked out (doesn't impact RDO much, 
but might apply to python as well)
* Discussion about whether projects would want a lot of anaconda changes 
-- response was that getting content installed was sufficient and 
projects would depend on things like puppet/chef/etc to configure/deploy
* What types of changes over base CentOS:  java packaging, java itself, 
tomcat.  There is interest in other things like qemu, libvirt, etc
* Ability to work with other projects is important (Ceph, Xen, other Sigs)

Next Steps:

*  figure out common ground and dependencies
* projects to nominate people who will do this work
* Sig will be primarily meritocracy.  initial seeding will be based on 
project nominations
* need to decide what projects will be included in the SIG


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