[Rdo-list] Formatting tip for RDO wiki pages

Pádraig Brady pbrady at redhat.com
Tue Jan 14 00:14:26 UTC 2014

On 01/13/2014 03:55 PM, Ryan O'Hara wrote:
> In the recent LBaaS wiki page I wrote, I need to show output from
> various command-line clients. The problem I ran into is that the wiki
> page will wrap anything enclosed in <pre> tags, so I ended up with the
> following solution:
> <pre style="white-space: pre; overflow-x: auto; word-wrap: normal">
> ...
> </pre>
> This will add a horizontal scrollbar to the bottom of the preformatted
> text box, which is the best solution I could come up with for handling
> wide blocks of text. I've tested this with Firefox, IE, and Chrome and
> it seems to render correctly on each.

Thanks for the attention to detail Ryan.

Can the powers that be, set that as the default <pre> style.

Personally can never deal with wrapping and use the following
in my .bashrc to leverage less' support of horizontal scrolling,
as less is used as the default pager by many commands:

  export LESS="-iRS"

"S" is the pertinent option here.
"R" enables less to display colors.
"i" uses case insensitive search.


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