[Rdo-list] [package announce] openstack clients update

Pádraig Brady pbrady at redhat.com
Thu Feb 27 13:07:55 UTC 2014

Havana RDO client packages have been updated as follows:

  python-neutronclient-2.3.1-2 -> 2.3.1-3
    Fix incompatibility with neutron-2013.2.2 http://pad.lv/1277120

  python-swiftclient-1.8.0 -> python-swiftclient-2.0.2
    Remove multipart/form-data file upload
    Fix --insecure option on auth
    Port to python-requests
    Fix swiftclient help
    Install manpage in share/man/man1 instead of man/man1
    Add capabilities option
    Install swiftclient manpage
    Add --object-name
    retry on ratelimit
    Fix help of some optional arguments
    Enable usage of proxies defined in environment (http(s)_proxy).
    Don't crash when header is value of None
    Fix download bandwidth for swift command.
    Allow custom headers when using swift download (CLI)
    Add close to swiftclient.client.Connection
    enhance swiftclient logging
    Clarify main help for post subcommand
    Fixes python-swiftclient debugging message
    Add verbose output to all stat commands
    Skip sniffing and reseting if retry is disabled
    user defined headers added to swift post queries
    Extend usage message for `swift download`

  python-novaclient-2.15.0 -> 2.16.0
    Invalid client version message unclear
    Fix i18n messages in novaclient, part II
    Update broken command line reference link
    Remove invalid parameter of quota-update
    Adds support for the get_rdp_console API
    Fixed polling after boot in shell
    Fix Serivce class AttributeError
    [UT] Fixed floating_ip_pools fake return to expected one
    [UT] Removed duplicate key from dict in fake baremetal_node
    Flavor ExtraSpecs containing '/' cannot be deleted
    Fix i18n messages in novaclient, part I
    Adds ability to boot a server via the Nova V3 API
    Removes unsupported volume commands from V3 API support
    Fix logic for "nova flavor-show 0#"
    Don't call CS if a token + URL are provided
    Adds volume support for the V3 API
    Fixes ambiguous cli output between "None" and NoneType
    Support list deleted servers for admin
    Using floating-ip-{associate|disassociate}
    Adds quota usage support for the V3 API
    Fix tab-completion of --flags under OS X
    Remove class_name parameter from quota_class
    Ensure that the diagnostics are user friendly
    Added v3 interfaces in reference doc
    Generate interfaces reference doc
    Ensure that nova client prints dictionaries and arrays correctly
    Allow empty response in service-list
    Nova aggregate-details should be more human friendly
    Adding additional tests for novaclient ssh
    Fix "device" as the optional para on volume-attach
    Adds simple tenant usage support for the Nova V3 API
    Adds keypairs support for the Nova V3 API
    Adds certificates support for Nova V3 API
    Adds aggregates support for Nova V3 API
    Adds hypervisor support for Nova V3 API
    Adds services support for Nova V3 API
    Adds second part of quotas support for Nova V3 API
    Adds first part of quotas support for Nova V3 API
    Adds availability zone support for Nova V3 API
    Adds basic servers support for the Nova V3 API
    add support for nova ssh user at host
    Allow multiple volume delete from cli like Cinder
    Expose the rebuild preserve-ephemeral extension
    Stop using deprecated keyring backends
    Adds images support for Nova V3 API
    Remove commands not supported by Nova V3 API
    Adds agent support for Nova V3 API
    Adds flavor access support for Nova V3 API
    Adds flavor support for Nova V3 API
    Allow graceful shutdown on Ctrl+C
    add support for server set metadata item
    Fix incorrect help message on flavor_access action
    Sets default service type for Nova V3 API
    Adds a --show option to the image-create subcommand
    Allows users to retrieve ciphered VM passwords
    Removes unnecessary pass
    nova security-group-* should support uuid as input
    Flatten hypervisor-show dictionary for printing
    Print security groups as a human readable list
    Adds locking to completion caches
    Make 'nova ssh' automatically fall back to private address
    Quote URL in curl output to handle query params
    Add --insecure to curl output if required
    Remove deprecated NOVA_RAX_AUTH
    Print dicts in alphabetical order
    Make os-cache retry on an invalid token
    Document and make OS_CACHE work
    Add shelve/unshelve/shelve-offload command
    if we have a valid auth token, use it instead of generating a new one
    Fix AttributeError in Keypair._add_details()
    Make nova CLI use term "server" where possible
    Novaclient shell list command should support a minimal server list
    Add v3 HostManager

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