[Rdo-list] OpenStack speakers wanted for Ohio LinuxFest

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Wed Feb 12 16:15:48 UTC 2014

A friend of mine is on the committee for Ohio LinuxFest - 
http://ohiolinux.org/ - October 24th and 25th - and although the CFP 
isn't open just yet, he's asked me to poke around and see if anyone 
around here might be interested in speaking to that crowd. It would 
probably be introductory kind of content, since it's a general interest 
event, rather than a deep OpenStack event.

So, if you're in that general area (it's in Columbus, Ohio), or will be 
in late October, I'd be glad to make introductions. It's a fun 
conference, and it's a great town.

Rich Bowen - rbowen at redhat.com
OpenStack Community Liaison

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