[Rdo-list] libvirtd default configuration

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Wed Feb 5 18:28:07 UTC 2014

On 02/05/2014 01:23 PM, Dafna Ron wrote:
> This is a bug since we install with packstack which need to configure
> this in the deployment and up until now was configured.
> libvirtd log should be created and should be in debug level when
> installing with packstack.
> If this did not happen - it's a bug and user should not configure it
> manually.

libvirtd should never be configured in debug mode by default.  Please
see danpb's rationale here:


If someone wanted to change packstack to expose a configuration option
to set libvirtd to more verbose logging (but not debug mode) if that
config param is set, that would be fine.  But under no circumstances
should it be defaulted to debug enabled.

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