[Rdo-list] Neutron router not active after reboot?

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at redhat.com
Wed Oct 2 19:49:47 UTC 2013

After rebooting an operational RDO Havana controller, I've lost my
routers.  I don't see much in the neutron logs, but there are some
Python tracebacks from openvswitch-agent:


These tracebacks look like they could be:


...but while making those changes on my test machine seems to get rid
of the tracebacks it doesn't bring back my router.

The output of "ovs-vsctl show", "neutron router-list", and "ip netst"
is available here:


All of the neutron services appear to be active.

I have two questions:

- Any idea why the router didn't come back? I don't see anything else
  that looks likely in the logs, but I'm not entirely sure where I
  should be looking.

- Is there any way to revivify this router without deleting it and
  re-creating it?


Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars at redhat.com>

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