[Rdo-list] [For testing] Fedora 19 (Test Compose) cloud images

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at redhat.com
Tue Jun 18 05:52:51 UTC 2013


Fedora release-engineering prepared a cloud-consumable image of F19 Test Compose 5,


Get it:

    $ wget -c

Import it into your Glance service:

    $ glance image-create --name fedora19-tc5 --is-public true \
      --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare \
      < Fedora-x86_64-19-TC5-20130617-sda.qcow2

Add a key pair (if you already have one, disregard this step):

    $ nova keypair-add testkey1 > testkey1.priv
    $ chmod 600 testkey1.priv

Launch a guest:

    $ nova boot --flavor 2 --key_name oskey1 --image \
      $UUID fedora19-test1

And all the further testing you prefer..

Please report any problems here.

Happy testing.

PS: Fedora-19 releases around 1st week of July.


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