[Rdo-list] RDO packages for Marconi and Barbican

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Fri Dec 13 18:27:29 UTC 2013

We don't have urgent requirements for these but they're on our radar... certainly, we would be happy to build on top of your packaging work (and contribute to the testing).

It is more of an expectation setting activity... i.e. at what point during a program's lifetime is it worth starting the packaging work ? Too early, the RDO team wastes its time... too late may miss out on a chance to do early testing on a Red Hat base and validate the solution with selinux etc.

So, no pressure but when you're ready, shout....


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> To: Tim Bell; rdo-list; Flavio Percoco; Adam Young; Dmitri Pal
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> On 12/13/2013 12:53 PM, Tim Bell wrote:
> > Is there a plan to package Marconi and Barbican as RDO packages ?
> Hi Tim,
> Good questions :)
> I don't know what the concrete timelines are, but certainly I think Marconi (being already incubated) should be packaged for RDO
> Icehouse in the near future.
> Flavio, do you have more specific/concrete plans around when that would get done?
> As for Barbican, I'm a little less certain of that.  Mainly because at this point it has not gone up for incubation yet (at least from what I
> recall).
> Our general rule of thumb has been to wait for a project to be incubated before packaging.  We could certainly make an exception if we
> feel the need though.
> Dmitri/Adam, what are your guys' thoughts on Barbican?
> Perry

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