[Rdo-list] [Grizzly] Network problem with Quantum + Openvswitch + Vlan

Zhang, Kimi (NSN - CN/Cheng Du) kimi.zhang at nsn.com
Sun Apr 28 07:04:10 UTC 2013

I tried that too, no lucky.

>From tcpdump ,it seems br-int does not forward any packet to interfaces connect to br-p3p1, which connects to physical network...

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On 04/28/2013 09:54 AM, Zhang, Kimi (NSN - CN/Cheng Du) wrote:
Hi, Gary

Yes, I'm aware of that packstack does not support quantum yet.  The whole setup was installed manually.

I did run quantum-server-setup and quantum-host-setup, I tried linuxbridge plugin too, it has no issue for VM to get IP address, but openvswitch has issues on this...


if you configure and IP address manually on the VM are you able to ping the port of the DHCP agent?

you can get the IP from quantum port-list


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Hi Kimi,
Thanks for the mail. Please see the inline comments below. Please note that at the moment we do not have packstack support for Quantum so there is a little manual plumbing that needs to be done (not sure if you have done this already).
On the host where the quantum service is running you need to run quantum-server-setup and on the compute nodes you need to run quantum-host-setup (please note that the relevant keystone credentials need to be set too).

On 04/28/2013 09:38 AM, Zhang, Kimi (NSN - CN/Cheng Du) wrote:
converted from rtf
When I start VM instance, the VM can't get IP address. Could someone help me on this ?

I will try

3 nodes Setup with RHEL 6.4 OS + rdo grizzly repository.
*         Controller node:
Services: Keystone+Glance+Cinder+Quantum server + Nova services
Network: bond0( for O&M)

*         Network node:
Services: quantum-openvswitch-agent,  quantum-l3-agent, quantum-dhcp-agent, quantum-metadata-agent
Network: bond0( for O&M) , p3p1 for VM internal network, p3p2 for external network

Please note that RHEL currently does not support namespaces so there are a number of limitations. We are addressing this at the moment. If namespaces are not used then it is suggested that one does not run the DHCP agent and the L3 agent on the same host. The reason for this is that there is no network isolation.

*         Compute node:
Services: nove-compute and quantum-openvswitch-agent
Network: bond0( for O&M), p3p1 for VM internal network

*         Switch setup tagging for vlan 1000-2999 for p3p1 ports(VM network) of network and compute nodes.

1.      Quantum.conf:
debug = True
verbose = True
lock_path = $state_path/lock
bind_host =
bind_port = 9696
core_plugin = quantum.plugins.openvswitch.ovs_quantum_plugin.OVSQuantumPluginV2
api_paste_config = api-paste.ini
rpc_backend = quantum.openstack.common.rpc.impl_kombu

Are you using rabbit or qpid?

control_exchange = quantum
rabbit_host =
notification_driver = quantum.openstack.common.notifier.rpc_notifier
default_notification_level = INFO
notification_topics = notifications
polling_interval = 2
root_helper = sudo quantum-rootwrap /etc/quantum/rootwrap.conf
auth_host =
auth_port = 35357
auth_protocol = http
signing_dir = /var/lib/quantum/keystone-signing
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_user = quantum
admin_password = password

2.      ovs_quantum_plugin.ini
sql_connection = mysql://quantum:quantum@<mailto:mysql://quantum:quantum@>
reconnect_interval = 2
tenant_network_type = vlan
network_vlan_ranges = physnet1:1000:2999
bridge_mappings = physnet1:br-p3p1
polling_interval = 2

3.      nova.conf
logdir = /var/log/nova
state_path = /var/lib/nova
lock_path = /var/lib/nova/tmp
volumes_dir = /etc/nova/volumes
dhcpbridge = /usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge
dhcpbridge_flagfile = /etc/nova/nova.conf
force_dhcp_release = True
injected_network_template = /usr/share/nova/interfaces.template
libvirt_nonblocking = True
libvirt_inject_partition = -1
network_manager = nova.network.manager.FlatDHCPManager
iscsi_helper = tgtadm
compute_driver = libvirt.LibvirtDriver
firewall_driver = nova.virt.libvirt.firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver
rpc_backend = nova.openstack.common.rpc.impl_kombu
rabbit_host =
rootwrap_config = /etc/nova/rootwrap.conf
service_quantum_metadata_proxy = True
quantum_metadata_proxy_shared_secret = helloOpenStack
metadata_host =
metadata_listen =
metadata_listen_port = 8775
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_user = nova
admin_password = password
auth_host =
auth_port = 35357
auth_protocol = http
signing_dir = /tmp/keystone-signing-nova

4.      ovs-vsctl show on network node:
    Bridge "br-p3p1"
        Port "p3p1"
            Interface "p3p1"
        Port "phy-br-p3p1"
            Interface "phy-br-p3p1"
        Port "br-p3p1"
            Interface "br-p3p1"
                type: internal
    Bridge br-ex
        Port br-ex
            Interface br-ex
                type: internal
        Port "qg-a83c0abd-f4"
            Interface "qg-a83c0abd-f4"
                type: internal
        Port "p3p2"
            Interface "p3p2"
    Bridge br-int
        Port br-int
            Interface br-int
                type: internal
        Port "int-br-p3p1"
            Interface "int-br-p3p1"
        Port "tap1f386a2a-12"
            tag: 1
            Interface "tap1f386a2a-12"
                type: internal
ovs_version: "1.9.0"

5.      ovs-vsctl show on compute node:
    Bridge "br-p3p1"
        Port "br-p3p1"
            Interface "br-p3p1"
                type: internal
        Port "phy-br-p3p1"
            Interface "phy-br-p3p1"
        Port "p3p1"
            Interface "p3p1"
    Bridge br-int
        Port "qvo56a4572c-dc"
            tag: 2
            Interface "qvo56a4572c-dc"
        Port "int-br-p3p1"
            Interface "int-br-p3p1"
        Port br-int
            Interface br-int
                type: internal
ovs_version: "1.9.0"

On compute node, I can see dhcp request packet from tcpdump on qvo56a4572c-dc, but it seems the packet is not forwarded out since I can't see packet from int-br-p3p1 on br-int or any port from br-p3p1.

Any chance to get the DHCP and the L3 agent configuration files? Please check that use_namespaces = False in both of these files.

Are there any log errors?

Thank you!



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