[Rdo-list] Announcing RDO

Dave Neary dneary at redhat.com
Wed Apr 17 19:20:39 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

The RDO community site is now live!

RDO is Red Hat's community-supported distribution of OpenStack
for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its clones, and for Fedora. The site is
now online at:


What we've announced is two things:

* We are providing well integrated, easy to install packages of
OpenStack Grizzly for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, and equivalent
versions of CentOS, Scientific Linux, etc, and for Fedora 18.
* We have released a website at openstack.redhat.com to grow a community
of OpenStack users on Red Hat platforms

If you are interested in trying out OpenStack Grizzly on RHEL, or other
Enterprise Linux distributions, then you are welcome to install it, join
our forums and share your experiences. For those who prefer mailing
lists to forums, we also have a mailing list, rdo-list:

What does this mean for Red Hat OpenStack users, and subscribers to

The short answer is that this adds a new option for you. If you would
like to install a community supported OpenStack Grizzly distribution on
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS or Scientific Linux in anticipation of
a future Red Hat supported Grizzly-based product, then RDO is a good
choice. If you are interested in deploying enterprise-hardened Folsom on
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, then Red Hat OpenStack early adopter Edition
is a great choice, and rhos-list is the best place to get help with that.

You can read more about the RDO announcement at


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