Hi Alan and the Admin Team,

Much appreciate for the help in our previous project phase!!!
Now, we can share the built with worldwide users & fans, it's really a valuable milestone for our efforts!
No doubt, this is just the beginning of our contribution to the community, we will try our best to continuously feedback and improve the delivery to community and end users.

I'm the project manager of the OpenStack Enablement on LinuxONE and we would like to go further to seriously consider the "official official" step you mentioned in last mail.

We want to have a deep collaboration with CentOS community to make the CentOS for s390x architect available first and then the CI env.
But we only have a little idea about building, testing and releasing a Linux operating system, not actually knowing how much processes, skills and efforts involved and in which part of the processes need IBM team's input/efforts.
We may can managed to afford a remote hardware resource to share to community inside US for this purpose and so need a detailed resource requirements for further evaluation inside our business unit.

Would you like to shed light on the overall processes, step by step procedures/requirements and a roughly estimation for enablement duration?

Thanks in advance!


On 1/10/20 18:31, Alan Pevec wrote:

thanks for the update!

1. Is there a server we can upload those packages for LinuxONE? E.g, use
this repo as a experimental repo for LinuxONE.
Since those packages are built outside RDO infra, please publish them
at your public location and we can link to it in the docs.
Since we do not have this hardware available in the community infra,
we would rely on you to write a howto documentation and send PR to
it would fit under https://www.rdoproject.org/install/

2. Now we run test with Packstack on RHEL8 manually, if we want to make
RDO support LinuxONE officially, is CI system a requiment?
Please note "support" is an overloaded term, for community projects
that means we as a community tried it and it worked, and yes CI would
definitely be a part of our community release criteria.
For "official official" we would also need to build packages in the
CentOS build system which then requires this arch in CentOS first and
that will take time.
I think for now external repo with a doc how to set it up on ONE will
be good progress!
Also, OpenStack packages are noarch so we could combine RDO Trunk and
your repo with arch-specific dependencies.
I'm looking forward to your howto to see how you're actually running it now.


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