Status on 07/02/16
Overcloud deployment :-

Error as of 06/30/16 is back again

CREATE_FAILED ResourceInError: resources.NovaCompute: Went to status ERROR due to "Message: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available., Code: 500"

Overcoud deployment crashes again

Status on 07/01/16


Template for deployment by QuickStart

# Deploy an HA openstack environment.
control_memory: 6144
compute_memory: 6144

undercloud_memory: 8192

# Giving the undercloud additional CPUs can greatly improve heat's
# performance (and result in a shorter deploy time).
undercloud_vcpu: 4

# Create three controller nodes and one compute node.
  - name: control_0
    flavor: control
  - name: control_1
    flavor: control
  - name: control_2
    flavor: control

  - name: compute_0
    flavor: compute
  - name: compute_1
    flavor: compute
# We don't need introspection in a virtual environment (because we are
# creating all the "hardware" we really know the necessary
# information).
introspect: false

# Tell tripleo about our environment.
network_isolation: true
extra_args: >-
  --control-scale 3 --compute-scale 2 --neutron-network-type vxlan
  --neutron-tunnel-types vxlan
  --ntp-server pool.ntp.org
test_tempest: false
test_ping: true
enable_pacemaker: true

VIRTHOST was under pressure  during business day running  on each Compute Node per

one VM  ( VMs  F24  and U1604  getting 5 GB ISOS from the Net )

Top and  `nova list` snapshots are attached. Might be pressure was not high enough.