On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 10:22 AM Alan Pevec <apevec@redhat.com> wrote:
> 1. We want contribute to RDO community, let RDO add s390x architecture
> build. As there is no CentOS s390x architecture build in CentOS
> repositories, we can only build and test RDO packages in RHEL, Is it
> possiable we add RDO s390x  build without CentOS s390x architecture
> build? Build CentOS might need much more effort and time.

yes, we could publish your RHEL rebuilds as an experimental repo
outside CentOS CloudSIG

> 2. I'm trying building RDO Train packages in [2] in RHEL 8 on LinuxONE,
> seems there are some package missing, such as python-d2to1. Should I
> switch to build RDO Train in RHEL 7 as the start step, wait until RDO
> train for CentOS 8 is ready?

Build dependency d2to1 should have been gone, we need to fix that.
In which package did you hit it?

It's still in several packages:


It may be worthy to check if those are actually required or we can clean it up. Until then, you can try to rebuild it from fedora:

> 3. For RDO Train on RHEL 8, can I expect python 3 is the default Python
> interpreter for all OpenStack packages and dependecy packages?

yes, RHEL8 is python3 only


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